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Are you deciding or is LIFE deciding for you?

Decision Making How do you make decisions? Do you follow your heart and accept what happens regardless of what is going on? Do you trust that everything will work out in the end? Do you feel like you are a part of something much bigger and are being lead? What if you...

Let’s get over it so you can get ON!

Let’s get over it so you can get ON! I’ve been asked many times how to ‘get over something’…..it puts me into a place of conscious exploration and questioning. Truly how do you ‘get over something’. Loss, heartbreak, despair, misery and let’s face it, unpleasant...

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“I came to Karen at the worst point in my life. I had no direction and no idea what purpose I had in life. After six months of working with Karen, I am on a road to finding my true purpose and am excited about life again. I am so lucky to have found her!” Tiffaney

“Karen has the uncontrollable gift to love unconditionally, You have shown me that I’m worthy of love and to share my talents to the world.” H.C.